Discover the healing power of your clothes

Discover the healing power of your clothes

As we know at the beginning of history, clothing was essential as protection against climate changes, then it evolved along with colors to show distinction and hierarchy; But nowadays, even though we dress mechanically and “without apparent purpose,” our clothes play very important roles; they can reflect our mood, reveal aspects of our personality, and even talk about your philosophy of life.

You may have heard that for some time now several brands have been creating initiatives with spiritual, medicinal and more sustainable purposes; In addition to influencing the type of color, clothing can confer antimicrobial properties, provide relaxation, tranquility, and the healing powers of the plants with which they are made. Apart from this, some opt for the use of crystals to create well-being, connections with the earth and elevation of your vibrational frequency, create a whole experience working on the spirit of those who wear them.

Preparation of clay for dyeing

For our part at Nahual we deeply believe in the power of natural contact, simply being in an environment surrounded by nature can calm us and free us, revitalize our energies. Feeling the earth and its plants is a healing therapy, from collecting them, it becomes a ritual, you can walk through leafy paths and marvel at the big little world under your feet, everywhere we look there are entire, tiny universes and almost imperceptible beings in trunks, flowers, leaves and especially on the earth; It is incredible to find societies structured perfectly in harmony with their environment.

When you let go and adapt your gaze to that of an attentive observer, you can realize the magic that is in each creation, grease your hands, walk, fill your eyes with its colors, collect the earth that you will later macerate and take to a garment. sensitizes in an extreme way, you are part of it, your energy and the properties of the plants or clays are impregnated in it; Not only do you make clothes, you create a garment that is alive and in constant movement like the elements with which it was created and even better to have the peace of mind that it can return to its origin, respectfully return the principles with which it could materialize, forming a cycle. regenerative energy. With the naked eye we cannot perceive everything that exists in a natural garment, but we are carrying and providing healing and vitality purely from our roots.

Thank you for coming this far, I look forward to your comments as always,

With love Vero

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