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This is a backstage look at what happens in Nahual and to our fabrics that turn into your garment later on. All of them are made and dyed one by one. We do not produce them at once but we dedicate time, care and all the necessary process for each design.

We only use textile bases from raw natural fibers, such as linen and cotton. Likewise, we are adapting our designs to avoid fabric wastes, zipper use and any plastic supply by using buttons  made of wood and coconut.


Choice of fibers

We research, make samples, do wash test and choose fabrics (all of vegetal origin) for our designs.

Pattern making

This is one of the most important parts of the process as our sizes fit in your body measures depending on the pattern making. Within this step, we manually make all our molds and its transformations according to the design.



We extend our fabric on the cutting table, flatten it and place our patterns on it, which are fixed by pins and are cut manually one by one.


All Nahual garments are made one by one. Besides, we avoid the use of plastic supplies by replacing them with coconut or wooden buttons which are placed individually and manually. We take time and have the patience required to take care of the details and quality of each cloth; that way, we ensure the optimum use of materials and supplies.

Quality control

Once the garment is finished, we put the final touches, remove the pins, remaining threads and check all the seams to make it look as good as possible.


Then, it is ironed properly. Although the linen has a natural wrinkle, we eliminate the extra ones made during the whole process.



In this step, we place the labeled using a stamp. The garment is label with washing instructions and it is finally folded for packing.

Our main purpose is to minimize the environmental impact as much as possible. That is why, we use the textile surplus for our brand image, elaborating the labels and samples with them.


We use only one package to avoid more wastes and pollution. Our bag is made of corn, which makes it compostable and biodegradable.


Finally, we take the package with us and walk to the transporter company.

As you can see, we just superficially described the process backstage to elaborate a garment; it is more complicated though, as it requires several gears and a lot of time to create, solve issues, make tests, take care of the details, among others. It is important to us to do what it takes to reach you in the best way and provide you with an excellent experience!

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Give it  a personal touch!!! Remember that we can make your favorite garment especially designed for you!, contact us and tell us which one you would like to customize.

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