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According to Article 52 of Law 1480, 2011, at the time of making a purchase here, you expressly state that you are at least the age of majority. Otherwise, NAHUAL brand may refrain from executing it or may request your parent’s authorization.

Upon your order, you guarantee the provided information is accurate and complete. Our brand is not forced to accept an order, and in any case, we will have the right to verify an order beforehand or to reject it without providing reasons.

The product will be delivered to any adult who is located at the address provided on the form, or at the reception desk  of the residential unit or building.

The above terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, without notice, by NAHUAL on a unilateral basis, we reserve the right to make changes at any time in the website as well as in its use conditions and privacy policies.



NAHUAL as femenine clothing business brand, complies with the Law 1581, 2012 by which the General Regimen of Data Protection is stated, and with the National Decree 1377, 2013, responsible for the treatment (storage, use, circulation or depletion) of personal data acquired on databases or files.

In such conditions, your authorization is required so that you (user/buyer), freely, voluntarily, and duly informed, allow us to store, use, circulate, deplete, process and in general, give treatment to the provided  data that have been incorporated in the brand database.

This information  is and will only be used to inform about products, services, offers, promotions, training and events of the brand.

You can exercise the right to know or suppress your data treatment and to send a request to  info@nahualeco.com as well as in case of updating, rectifying or correcting your personal information.


  • All payments will be on cash or bank transfer (credit or debit card).
  • Cash on delivery or installment payment is not accepted.
  • All data provided from payments will be treated under the law of protection of personal data.


  • International shipments only in urban areas.
  • You choose the address where you wish to receive your order and the delivery is made through a reliable courier company (servientrega, Coordinadora, DHL).
  • Shipping for international orders varies according to the country of destination, please note that additional costs may be generated according to the taxes of each country and must be borne by the customer.
  • The shipping cost for Colombia is COP $10.000.
  • Fixed prices per unit, free shipping applies for purchases over $350.000 (valid for Colombia).
  • Delivery times of garments under order vary between 8 and 10 working days (plus shipping).
  • After the garment is made, orders are taken to the carrier in the next 24 to 48 hours, if there is any kind of change or cancellation do it in time, before starting it, contacting the brand to WhatsApp +57 313 615 60 46.
  • The delivery time of the product to the consumer may vary depending on the country of destination, between 10 and 15 days after shipment, (in Colombia 8 working days), you will be notified throughout the process via WhatsApp or email.

*It is important to clarify that the costs and shipping times of the merchandise actually purchased may vary without prior notice, according to the commercial conditions of our logistics operators and / or courier companies, increases or variations outside the NAHUAL brand.


We are sure you won’t have any problem…

However, if you are not satisfied with a product (in stock), we assist you with an easy and fast exchange or return.


Garments upon request cannot be returned due to a customized elaboration. In case of any adjustment we are willing to do it agreeing to an additional cost over the initial one.

All garments are made based on a standard measurement chart, WE DO NOT ELABORATE GARMENTS ACCORDING TO  PERSONAL MEASUREMENTS, that is why it is important for you to check it before purchasing. The adjustments you consider as necessary will be under your responsibility and will not be assumed by NAHUAL brand.

Exchanges of garments are only accepted for In-stock clothing (not upon request):

  • With demonstrable manufacturing defects (unraveling,unstitched garment,  burst threads). It is worth mentioning that each garment has a rigorous quality control, we will know when damages are made on purpose by third-parties.
  • When mistakenly a product or size does not correspond to the one purchased.
  • The products you have purchased as an offer or discount are not exchangeable.

If you want to exchange a garment before making it you can contact us via WhatsApp (+57 313 615 60 46) to coordinate the process

  • (We recommend you carefully check our measurement charts to avoid any inconvenience related to the size of your choice)
  • Garment changes are applicable after 15 business days from product reception and notifying Nahual Brand. After this time, we will not be responsible for the garment.
  • You must send back the purchase receipt we sent to your email, and a product photograph for us to evaluate your case, to info@nahualeco.com or via Whatsapp +57 313 615 60 46. You need to provide an email and cellphone number for the corresponding notifications.
  • Then you must return the garment via mail, in a secure wrapped package to the delivery address we provide you.

Once Nahual have received the package, the revision process will begin and the exchange

  • viability will be evaluated, which will be notified to the consumer and will not exceed 30 business days following the garment reception.
  • These items must be in perfect conditions and complete, with tags and labels still on and in their original package. That is why we recommend not removing labels until you are satisfied with the garment. Stained, dirty or damaged-second hand clothes will not be exchanged.
  • If the product does not comply with the exchange policy, we will notify you the reason why we do not make the exchange, and the product will be sent back to the initial reception address with cash on delivery.
  • You will have to assume the exchange or return costs.
  • Once the change is approved, you will be able to exchange the garment for another one you like. We only allow one exchange per garment and exchanges can only be made for a product with an equal or greater value than the initial purchased one. The exchange will be subject to stock availability.



Our policy of refund exclusively apply to the following:

  • If the product or size for which you want to make an exchange is not available.

*The delivery cost and the payment gateway commission must be assumed by the buyer.



  • All our clothing garments have a three-month guarantee once purchased and mainly applies to seams or accelerated deterioration of fabrics.
  • We do not take responsibility for color variation of the handmade dyed garments due to carelessness and non follow up of washing instructions.
  • For refund purposes, the garment may be used, without tags and labels.
  • The product must not be modified by the buyer or somehow altered from its original state. Also, it must be clean and in good condition.
  • In case of complaint, we will check your garment and establish the adequate process. If your garment can be fixed, we will proceed to do it, otherwise it will be replaced.
  • You must notify the brand during this period, send the purchase receipt and photo of the product to info@nahualeco.com or WhatsApp +57 313 615 60 46. You must provide an email and phone number for the corresponding notifications.