What are natural Fibers?

What are natural fibers?

I want to increase your knowledge of this term today. Due to many abrupt changes that have happened worldwide and the environmental crisis we’ve been facing, there are more and more companies from different fields that  are choosing to use natural fibers. But what are these last?. Simplifying, NATURAL FIBERS as stated in their name, are strands, blooms, filaments or any other elements from nature that can create threads, fabrics or cloths  by spinning.

Natural textile fibers can come from animals, plants or minerals:

• ANIMAL-BASED FIBERS have been used since prehistoric times and are obtained from secretions, wool, hairs and leathers or animal skins. Here, some examples: the silk that  comes from silkworms, wools from ram and sheeps, hair from alpaca, Angora rabbit, goat,cashmere, camel, llama and vicuna among others. These are used to make clothing garments such as sweaters, pants suits, coats, shoulder bags and upholstery.

• PLANT-BASED FIBERS are derived from seeds, stems, leaves and fruits. Some fibers are made of the commonly known cotton spinning.

Stems such as those from flax, hemp, jute and ramie are frequently used. Likewise, leaves from abaca, sisal,raffia and fruits such as coconut. All these plants are highly resistant and have been used by humans since ancient times for different purposes like clothing garments, accessories,leather goods,upholstery, furniture, paper, ropes, fishing nets, harvest basketry and food transportation.

• MINERAL-BASED FIBERS such as asbestos which is non-combustible. That is why it is used for fire-resistant cloth manufacturing.  Metals such as copper, silver, gold and iron are used in cloths like damask, embroidery, lace, decoration and footwear. Finally, glass made from clay and sand is an excellent material for curtains and upholstery.


  • They are  garments free of harmful chemicals that impact the body and environment.
  • They are non-allergic skin cloths.
  • Production free of chemicals or pesticides that can be absorbed by the body.
  • Fibers with higher durability and resistance.
  • Excellent long-lasting inversion because of higher durability.
  • They are soft and eco-friendly.
  • They are recyclable and biodegradable in a few months.
  • They are breathable and fresh, allowing a natural process in your body.
  • They avoid labor exploitation by improving work conditions.
  • They allow high quality garment production.
  • You make a RECONNECTION with nature.

As you can see, nature provides us with all we need to supply our needs. There are many advantages of wearing nature; it is so respectful that it has a perfect cycle from birth to degradation (without pollution), giving more nutrients to the soil, to our soil…

Fortunately,  there are many alternatives that do not create suffering or big natural impacts nowadays. Therefore, we must be so aware of our way of consumption, or the conditions and place where fabrics and final products are made. We have everything within reach, and we can benefit from it without running out of resources but wisely ration them.

I hope having made the subject clearer for you, and why not, let you think a little bit about the impact chain we create with our actions and choices, sometimes because of ignorance or negligence.

Thanks for reaching this part and reading me,

Love,  Vero

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