Mystical Meaning of Nahual

The mystical meaning of Nahual

We now remember as an anecdote when in 2015 what the possible name of the brand would be began to cross our minds, in a classroom and just as the beginning of an idea, which we had not even imagined.
We were assigned to brainstorm possible names that identified us or had some special meaning, a childhood nickname, a first or last name of someone; Yes, something shocking, whatever, enough to accompany us for the rest of our lives…
Easy right? ha ha ha
Well, it wasn’t, behind it there was research, approvals, disapprovals and the first name that came out of there, guess what it was? WATCHWORD.

This was our first logo

That’s right, you didn’t imagine it, right? That was our first name, something simple and at the same time denoting secrecy; But of course, we just had to spend some time and preparation to polish ourselves, we needed a differentiating aspect that would give a real identity to our brand and that’s where NAHUAL was born…

It means energy, guiding and protective spirit; It represents the bond of each living being with Mother Nature, creating perfect harmony and existential balance in the universe.
In ancient civilizations it was believed that each individual at the time of birth already had an animal or being of a divine nature, which takes the role of protector and guide. In some cases, these creatures only manifest themselves as a figure that appears in dreams, or, there are people who find a special affinity with that animal without knowing it, adopting it as a “pet” or companion and it is said that when they die without explanation they are absorbing any negative energy or damage that was going towards his protected, giving his life so that he can continue with his.

…Although all these myths are part of the indigenous worldview, it is beautiful, isn’t it? We take all this as a symbol, the divine connection with nature; From there we create what you now see in our image and we search for such a deep meaning, because we want to be an ally, not just a clothing brand for you, we want to always transcend and help you grow beyond the physical, a style of integral life.
What did you think of the story behind our brand name? or the meaning of Nahual?

Tell us a little, answer us below from time to time, don’t be shy.

Thank you for coming this far and reading me, I’ll wait for you on social networks:



Regards, Vero

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