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How do I know what my size is?

It is so simple. You can order the size you usually wear, or you can take your measurements with a measuring tape by slightly surrounding  your contours to fit our sizes (not too tight, not too wide). Check below our Measurement chart.

Measurement chart
  1. BACK: Place the measuring tape on your back from one shoulder to the other one. Guide yourself  by the little bones you have in each one.
  2. BREAST CONTOUR: Place  the measuring tape under the arms, surrounding the breast at  the most prominent part.
  3. WAIST OUTLINE: Place the measuring tape around your waist at the narrowest part, close to the navel.
  4. HIP OUTLINE: Place the measuring tape around your hip at the widest part.

Then, check the Measurement chart below, find the size that best fits your measurements and suits to what you want; likewise, as you have seen, our garments are not so tight. Therefore, use the one you commonly wear and everything will be fine.

Have any questions?

You can write to us to assist you and clear up your doubts by WhatsApp.

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Measurement chart
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