How does buying more consciously benefit me?

How does buying more consciously benefit me

They are constantly advising us on different brands about our purchasing decision, but why or what does it mean to be aware? How does it benefit us as customers?

I’ll explain it to you…We have increased our consumerism and sometimes without reason we buy just to buy, the object, for example, may not even have any use, we do it only for that “reward” that the brain feels, and for a few seconds of “happiness”, However, we are harming ourselves, because we allocate money not for quality but for quantity, although it should be the opposite.
Being aware is avoiding impulse purchases, allocating the use that will be given to it and why it will be purchased; support local businesses and know where they come from; When you get something “cheap” you end up buying the same thing several times, produced in precarious conditions, with terrible materials and with an abundance of waste.


  • Mainly you are taking care of your pocket, since by investing in quality you guarantee a long useful life of your product, that is, you are not going to buy the same thing several times in a short time.
  • You become part of something valuable, you are contributing to building a better future.
  • You are improving your quality of life and that of future generations, by avoiding so much pollution from packaging and waste.
  • You acquire a high artisanal value by promoting the conservation of traditions and cultures.
  • Articles with an author whom you can know and follow his work, not from an unknown place and prepared in who knows what conditions.
  • Exclusivity and distinction since most are small-scale production.
  • By supporting local producers the economy of your region grows and you can enjoy projects and improvements in your city.

These are some of the reasons why it is necessary that you evaluate your behaviors regarding your daily consumption, the small changes you incorporate will be reflected in your economy and in the planet, especially it, which is the most affected by industries such as food due to single-use containers (styrofoam) and the fashion for textile waste and dyes.
I hope that with this brief explanation you have understood the importance and repercussions of our decisions on others and on our home, the earth.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your comments below, greetings! Vero

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