How do I care for my naturally dyed garments?

How do I care for my naturally dyed garments

What better feeling than showing off your favorite clothes? That’s why today I want to talk about all the little care we can provide to those beloved garments that become our daily companions or great allies for special moments; And it is actually too easy to extend their useful life by following these practical tips that work for all your clothes:

SUPERTIP: Wash only when necessary

Yes, wash your clothes when you consider it necessary, since you don’t always get them dirty or sweaty, so why wash something used for 2 or 3 hours; for example, for a dinner or a quick outing; Simply hang your garment in the shade to air out and you’re done!

Try to wash your clothes by hand, but in a washing machine on a gentle cycle.

It doesn’t take much time to do this and I guarantee you will see a 180° change, just this step will make them last longer. It is best to wash by hand with cold water, this way you avoid excess friction, however you can also wash it in the washing machine on a delicate and short cycle, make sure to place your garment in a cloth bag or pillowcase to protect its fabric. and obviously wash with clothes of similar colors. (It is normal that they release a little color with each wash).

Do not use detergents or bleaches

These chemicals are too aggressive with fabrics, wearing them out and deteriorating their color quickly. This especially affects naturally dyed garments.

Apply a neutral soap

The best way to wash is to dissolve liquid soap or powdered soap in water and then moisten the garment in it or, if applicable, put the garment in the washing machine when the soap has already dissolved with the water. This step is important because when applying soap directly, possible stains may appear due to accumulations on the fabric. An idea for a neutral soap is Coco Varela.

Avoid letting your garment soak

If you have a naturally dyed garment, by soaking it for a long period of time you can wash its colors or modify them, damaging its original state. However, if it is not dyed and for some “strange reason” it got stained, leave your garment soaking only in water or a little neutral soap for a while, and then rub it gently.

Avoid using dryers!

They always warn us not to do it but why? The fact is that when we put our clothes in one of these appliances we expose them to too many movements, tensions, stretching and excess heat, making them rough, weakening and deteriorating their fibers, so it really is not that you buy poor quality but you are literally destroying your clothes; It is better to wring it out by hand and do not squeeze more than necessary, dry your garment naturally, in the shade (the sun is the main enemy of natural dyes) and hanging it on hooks, since it is a vaporous fabric it can dry easily.

If you definitely don’t have time…

Only if it is necessary to wash them, place your clothes in the washing machine with others of very similar colors, on a delicate cycle.
Never wash your clothes with hot water.
Don’t forget to dissolve the liquid NEUTRAL soap (if you don’t know which one, you can use Varela coconut soap, the usual one).

Drying: Hang your clothes in the shade (the sun can completely change their color), simply hang them as free as possible.

What else can I tell you…
Avoid scrubbing your clothes too much, you will wear out the fabric.
If you are going to iron your clothes, do it at a low temperature, preferably with a cloth.
Do not combine your delicate garments with other garments that may have rough textures, with zippers or snaps that could damage them.

Store your clothes hanging in your closet to avoid excess wrinkles or folded as you prefer, but never in plastic bags, humidity can cause fungus.

I think that’s all for now, believe me, a while ago I didn’t know anything about this and the clothes didn’t last that long, when I learned I started to keep everything like new, now it lasts too long, it’s easy in short just: wash by hand with soap soft and dry in shade hanging.
I hope you put these little tips into practice because it is proven that they work for all clothing in general. Stay tuned for the next emails because I will share more tips and advice about our beloved garments.

Any questions? Write to me
Until next time

With love Vero

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