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About us

“We do not call ourselves sustainable”
But we strive each day to improve on the road to sustainability…

Learn about us: Our main purpose is to adopt more integral and responsible practices, going through all productive process stages, from the beginning to the final garment. We want to inspire change by our communication, and receive feedback from those who walk through this conscious path still under construction.

Our Print

We are an ecological awareness brand  that pays tribute to Mother Earth without altering its natural flourishing. We seek to meet one of the basic needs such as getting dressed,  by projecting our lifestyle and adopting processes that are as much responsible as possible from our garment elaboration to their delivery. We are inspired by nature’s supreme beauty that provides us with all we need. We vibrate love for it, for you, for life itself!

About us our purpose

What inspires us?

We are convinced that our stay on this planet is temporal, that is why we are concerned about the footprint we leave on it. Our purpose is to avoid the disproportionate pollution by reducing wastes, extending  their lifetime and contributing to  environmental regeneration.

Our mission is to help you to go back to your roots and consciously reconnect with the surroundings by your daily clothing.



How do we do it?

  • Elaborating small timeless collections.
  • Garments made from natural fibers such as linen and cotton.
  • Handmade dyeing with natural dye from flowers, seeds, leaves, barks among others.
  • Reuse of water and dyes to elaborate pigments.
  • Use of textile wastes for branding and sample purposes.
  • Low scale production, upon request.
  • Vegan. All our garments are cruelty free, no animal is used or harmed for production.
Behind Nahual

“I want to create a lifestyle that reconnect us with who we are”.

About us our purpose

Verónica Pérez Carmona

Hi! Welcome to my Nahual world, where everything is unpredictable, spontaneous and surprising. Through it, I’m seeking to reconnect you with your essence, with what you are made of, to open a gap in the routine to clear the way for the extraordinary, the imperceptible, the botanical, the slow and handmade processes by smearing and being immersed in scents, colors and new sensations. This is a fully experimental place only for sensitive and observant people, who know to appreciate the art inside of the living transformation of the subtle and, who are willing to build their identity by embodying nature to rescue it…

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