10 Tips for more conscious shopping

More than half of the purchases we make are on a momentary impulse and if we really check, they are unnecessary, because we thought it was “very nice” but not at all useful, in addition to not having a purpose, they could have come from who knows what country, and were made Who knows in what conditions and with materials that leave much to be desired; That is why today I want to share with you some tips so that you consciously stop and think about what to invest, since with each purchase decision you could literally be throwing your money away.
Start by asking yourself some basic questions about your future purchase…

  1. Do you really need it? (is it a momentary desire or impulse?)
  2. How long do you think you will use it for? (at least 30 times)
  3. Do you already have something similar? (don’t buy more of the same)
  4. What purpose do you plan to use it for?
  5. Investigate the origin of the product you plan to buy (somewhere remote?)
  6. What materials is it made of or what is it made of? (organic, recycled?)
  7. It’s good quality? (or single use?)
  8. Can I actually pay for it? (Or I will go into debt for 2 more lives)
  9. Do you buy it just because it’s on sale?
  10. How will you dispose of it when its useful life ends? (or will you be reincarnated and still be around?)

You weren’t aware of all this, right? Well, while we are looking at something in a store, let at least some of the previous questions pass through our minds from now on and not just “I want this” or “how good is that other thing” irrationally; There are many benefits that will come as a result of your more conscious purchases, starting with saving money, remember that your decisions influence others, the environment and directly your pocket.

Did I leave you at least thinking a little? I hope so, thank you for coming here.

Greetings! Vero

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